Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's been a crazy and hectic year in our house! A lot has happened and it has made us a stronger family we have grown a lot! Scott and Katelyn got married and we have all grown a year older. It doesn't seem that this year is over! Scott and Katelyn are getting a house in Smithfield, UT. We are way excited for them! Megan is now fourteen and she is becoming quite a gem, well she always has been, but she is growing up a lot! Taylor and Jordan are doing very well also they have been going to Florida for their work often. As for Shawn and I we are doing good too :) We have a good family and are very blessed to have such great children :) Family is an amazing thing and I am so glad to have them :) There is also never a dull moment in our house that's always a good thing haha :) Well we hope you guys have a great new year... And sorry for being such a slacker! I will repost often haha well try to anyways :)

Megan's Project :)

Hello everyone! I am currently helping Megan with a school project on expressing herself through making a 3 dimensional object and having her likes and interests on and explaining herself in a way through an interesting project. She decided to make a mobile for her room and its turning out pretty cute! I will post pictures of it later :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shaylee's Birthday..

It has been 15 years since the passing of Shaylee Kay. As a tradition, we always go to the cemetery and let off balloons and eat Angel Food Cake. We have done it for the past 14 years, come rain or shine. And in the past we have actually encountered the rain, wind, snow and sunshine. But we ALWAYS go. This is Megan laying by the headstone.. She's growing up too fast!

This is the balloons that we sent to Shaylee.

This is a picture of Shaylee that the hospital staff did for me at the time of her birth/death. I didn't know anything about it until a few weeks later when my aunt brought it to me.

Another beautiful year. Thanks to my mom who is taking care of her now.. . XOXOXOXOXOX

Thursday, July 15, 2010


About a month before the passing of mom we discovered some sad news about dad, he has a lymphoma cancer in the liver and the lower abdomen. He has been going into chemo for 3 months we are halfway done with it and we received good news that the cancer is shrinking. He has been feeling tired and nauseated lately but we will endure. He has also lost a lot of weight and is slowly but surely getting his appetite back.

Bear Hunt

Scott with the bears paw which is about
the size of his head.
Shawn and Scott with the bear Scott shot.

A while ago Scott and Shawn had the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience doing the bear hunt in Alaska. They went to a lodge up in Alaska and stayed for about a week, the lodge is owned by our old bishop Bob Miller. They seemed to have a blast. Scott shot a big bear and he is very proud of it he even wants it as a rug.


Taylor and Jordan in their graduation cap and gown.

Sorry this post is so late but better late than never i guess. Taylor and Jordan graduated high school in May and are working in Alaska. We are so glad that they are done with high school because of those hectic senior projects. For Taylor's senior project he rebuilt and engine for his truck. But 2 months before the senior project was due I got a scary call from Taylor saying that he rolled his truck over. He didn't have a seat belt on and he rolled his truck 6 times since he didn't have his seat belt on he held on to the top of the truck and he made it out with only a few cuts and scrapes on him. He still got his project done and past with an A. Jordan's senior project he rebuilt a nice trailer for us to haul our four wheelers on and etc. He did a very nice job and we are proud of him and Taylor both. Jordan also passed with an A. We are very proud of them and hope the best for them! :)

Grandma's Funeral

Picture from Grandma Derricott's funeral...From left to right: Tony, Bryan, Grandpa Derricott, Shara, Grandma Derricott(in casket), David, and Kent.

Hey guys this is Megan and i just wanted to talk to you guys about my grandma and her funeral. My grandma was an AMAZING lady who taught me many things. She would always sit in her chair and play hand held video games and sew. My brothers and I were all really close to her and we miss her dearly. She would always come to the boys sports games and cheer them on. When she had her stroke she would always brag about us grandkids whenever we would walk in the room to see her she would always say with a big smile on her face, "There's my girl", or "There's my boy." I am really glad that she was and is my grandma and I feel very blessed that she could be in my life.